Lost 50 lbs on Jenny Craig

Brooke's Weight Loss Story

Average weight loss on Max Up in a study was 15 pounds in the first four weeks and 1-2 pounds per week thereafter. Brooke lost 50 pounds in 26 weeks. Brooke received promotional consideration. Results may vary.

"I wanted to hide.
And that's not my true self."

"I wanted to hide. And that's not my true self."

Last Christmas, I did not want to be social. I felt uncomfortable. Just getting dressed was a hassle. I was embarrassed to see my family I had not seen in two years because of the pandemic. I knew I had gained weight, but I didn't know how much because I wouldn't get on the scale. But when I was popping out of the top of my jeans, even oversize sweaters were tight, I knew I had to get serious.

My weight held me back in so many ways. My joy was gone, my zest for life, my patience level and my happiness. I wasn't living the life that I wanted to live.

I called Jenny and made an appointment for the Monday after Christmas.

"After the first week, I had lost five and a half pounds and the second week I lost another five."

I thought, 'Okay, I'm going to do it.'

My coach Stephania, really encouraged me to keep going. She said, 'Brooke, it doesn't mean you're there forever, it's just a snapshot of today, but you're working on changing.' That was so freeing to me. For some reason, I was putting my self-worth and confidence in a number.

Jenny Craig Member Brooke

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My coach helped encourage me to get my life back.

Stephania gave me a plan. She believed in me even when I didn’t believe in myself. I was so depressed and broken, fearful and down in December, I truly was at a low. Stephania helped me feel like this wasn’t forever. That I was already winning by walking through the front doors and making the change.

It was very encouraging to continue to lose weight each week. I consistently kept going down and each week I was feeling better, feeling more confident following the program. Excited, believe it or not, to get on the scale which I was so fearful of.

Jenny Craig Member Brooke

"I feel like I have my own personal nutritionist and chef in my freezer at home."

I used to be very black and white with food. Everything was “good” or “bad,” “allowed” or “not.” Jenny helped me realize there’s no black or white — I have brownies and lava cake in smart portions and I also eat fruits and vegetables every single day. I have a much healthier, realistic approach.

"The food is delicious. It’s magic food."

I look forward to my Jenny food. I love the Cranberry Almond Barscotti. It’s so simple, perfect for on the go. I love the Blueberry Pancakes. I’m a sweets girl so I love the Carrot Cake, Lemon Cake and Chocolate Lava Cake. My Jenny app tells me exactly what to eat next, and takes the guesswork out of it completely.

Jenny Craig Member Brooke

I feel like Jenny healed my relationship with food.

Now I’m not fearful of food. I fell in love with fruit again, which I had avoided for a year or two. Jenny encouraged me to try different vegetables and bring servings of vegetables into my day.

"Jenny was the solution and the tool to help me get the life that I wanted to live."

Now I’m phasing into the maintenance program, which I’m so excited about. I feel so thankful, so blessed. I love Jenny Craig. I love my newfound energy, and my confidence. I want to live life and be social again.

My best advice: Work the plan. You follow it and the weight falls off.