Lost 50 lbs on Jenny Craig

Benita's Weight Loss Story

Average weight loss on Max Up in a study was 15 pounds in the first four weeks and 1-2 pounds per week thereafter. Benita lost 50 pounds in 27 weeks. Benita received promotional consideration. Results may vary.

"I was depressed, I didn’t have any confidence and I would wear the same clothes all the time."

I never really had a problem with my weight. I was very athletic in school. Then I got married and got pregnant pretty quickly. I gained a lot of weight during pregnancy and after I gave birth, I had no energy. I didn’t feel like myself. One day I realized — I couldn’t keep living my life this way.

I tried another weight loss program but it was too time-consuming. I had to measure, figure out the portions, cook and clean everything. It wasn’t for me.

My mom knew about Jenny Craig and had lots of friends who went on the program and had excellent results. She suggested I give it a try. So I decided I was going to do it.

"When I put my mind to something, I go for it."

I lost all the weight and a little bit more. I was feeling great.

But then my husband and I started having issues and I began gaining weight slowly. I started stress eating and knew it wasn’t good. We got pregnant again and after we had the baby, we decided it wasn’t working anymore — it was time to move on.

I didn’t feel good again. Except for this time, I had two kids that I needed to care for and they needed me to be strong.

Jenny Craig Member Benita Jenny Craig Member Benita

I decided to go back to Jenny — it worked the first time and I knew it would work again.

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With Jenny, you basically have your own personal chef who portions everything out for you and tells you when and how to eat — it’s all planned for you. It’s easy for busy moms with kids.

"You see results right away. The first week I lost almost eight pounds."

The food is delicious. It tastes so fresh. It never gets boring. You can eat Mint Chip Ice Cream and Chocolate Lava Cake and Pepperoni Pizza and everyone asks me, ‘How are you able to eat all these carbs and look the way you do?’ It’s just about portion size and Jenny makes it easy for you.

"I was never hungry — I wouldn’t even call it a diet. I would call it a lifestyle change."

Jenny Craig shows you what to do in the future — how to incorporate fruits and vegetables into your meals and the appropriate portion sizes. No foods are off-limits.

"My coach is unbelievable. We have such a great relationship."

Janet my coach is always there for me. I have her cell phone number, she calls me and we even FaceTime. She was the one that helped me get to where I am today. She held me accountable since I checked in with her every week and was so motivating.

There were some weeks when I’d only lose a pound or less and she would remind me to keep going. She’d tell me sometimes your body just need to adjust. She is always so caring and motivating for me to continue my journey.

Jenny Craig Member Benita Jenny Craig Member Benita

My mental, emotional and physical health — everything feels so good.
My confidence is back.

I feel so much better after losing weight. I’m so happy now. I’m eating well. I’m exercising. I feel so good.

I have the energy to play with my kids and be more involved in their lives now. I can play basketball with my son and go on walks with my daughter instead of staying in the house.

Now I’m going out, I started seeing someone new and I feel really good about myself. My confidence is back. I could not have done it without Jenny Craig.