Whatever your lifestyle, there is a Jenny solution within reach.

Unexpected changes can modify your lifestyle. In this case, simply opt for the most suitable Jenny approach for you and, on that basis, we would be delighted to get to know you and work around your needs.

In our Centers

With 650 Centers in North America, you are more than likely to find one near to you. Come and meet your coach and choose your menus on-site.
In your home

Your meals are delivered to your door and you can count on the weekly personal phone support of your coach.

Our Centers are better for you:

  • If you have one nearby.
  • If you prefer face-to-face contact.
  • If you like meeting other people like yourself.

In your home - ideal for you

  • If no Jenny Craig Center is available in your area.
  • If you prefer more discretion.
  • If you travel a lot and it is often difficult to access a center.
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